KABOOM is an award-winning social impact organisation that supports and directs the on-the-ground movements using creative content, impactful narratives and innovative designs to enable social change. Kaboom follows a design-first approach with the ability and experience to look at problems with a socio-cultural lens. All of Kaboom’s projects and programs are designed applying principles of design thinking and participatory methodologies with a strategy that is impact-driven. We design programs and products keeping the ‘user’ or ‘audience’ at the centre and focus as much on dissemination as production by engaging large and varied stakeholders and partners. Our process includes:


Nirmala Nair

Founder and Director
THNK fellow, 2020


Nirmala Nair is a communication expert with 13+ years of experience in building teams that create high impact social movements and campaigns, on-the-ground and digitally. Her work sits at the intersection of actionable research, design, communication and technology to accelerate social change. 

She is a graduate of the National Institute of Design.  In the past, she led the South Asia leg of much-acclaimed MTV EXIT, the world’s largest behaviour change communication campaign against trafficking in persons. She was the Country Director at WASH United India where she built the multi-award-winning Menstrual Hygiene Day brand known for its high rate of engagement and cutting edge content as well as menstrual education products and models that can be applied at scale. Nirmala is an advocate for education on menstruation.

Nirmala founded Kaboom because she believes effective communication, design and technology play a crucial role in finding solutions to complex social problems. She brought together a cross-sectoral team of experienced creative and development professional working together in a solutions-oriented approach with a focus on equitable change and impact on the ground.


At Kaboom Nirmala leads strategy and works closely with the creative team to ensure there is always a measurable impact of the solutions proposed.  Nirmala has worked with UNICEF, USAID, AUAID, BMGF, IOM, FORD FOUNDATION and WALK FREE and delivered programmes and projects successfully.  


Shankar Iyerh

Shankar Iyerh is a data-driven executive with an immersive 15 years of experience in directing multi-field projects with DFID, USAID, GIZ, WWF, UNWomen, Greenpeace and Traffic with cross-functional team base and diverse stakeholders. 

In the 15 Years, Shankar has built partnerships and managed over 50 million dollars worth of projects in almost 20 countries around the world. He led the world's first DNA based timber tracking product which currently is now the gold standard in timber certification to prove legality and sustainability.

In the creative space, he has collaborated on animation projects which have won awards in Oberhausen, Ahvaz Iran and Singapore Film Festivals.

 Shankar is a graduate of BITS, Pilani and went on to complete his MBA from Bangor University.

Director of Partnerships

Kinjal is a communication enthusiast with a degree in development communication from Jamia. 


Kinjal wears multiple hats at Kaboom and juggles them around with ease. She specialises in looking at content strategy and building the bridge between the issue and the creative. She ensures that outputs from the creatives reflect the issue and are relevant to the target audience.


Kinjal has issue-specific expertise on WASH and MHM and has played a major role in developing content using HCD tools for India and Sub-Saharan Africa. Kinjal is not afraid to get her hands dirty and travels extensively in India to build the capacity for the products created at Kaboom

Kinjal Sharma

Communications Lead

Ambesh is an experienced Finance and Administration officer who provides office support for mission-critical tasks for our projects.


He is well versed with local and international tax regulations and processes and offer seamlessly support to smooth project delivery.

He works closely with the project management in scheduling and manpower management to allow for redundancies and unforeseen circumstances during the course of the projects.


He also provides an adjunct role as a resident ‘Hindi’ expert, working with us on vernacular projects and proofreads.


His polymath work ethic and exacting skills have contributed the way ahead for Kaboom to deliver the needs of the clients.

Ambesh Tripathi

Finance and Admin Exec
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