HCD based games for behavioural change

Breakthrough, inspires people to fight for the rights of women and girls by catalysing leadership in communities to change deep rooted cultural norms that perpetuate gender based discrimination and violence. They work extensively with young people through training that help them develop stronger identity and the confidence to make their own life decisions.


We started with two observed challenges to investigate further:

How might we bring a shift in attitudes and behaviours towards MHM in adolescent girls and women in a session of 30 mins?


How might we decrease absenteeism in School that was caused by MHM?


Kaboom partnered with Breakthrough to find a solution to reach out to adolescent girls in rural Uttar Pradesh and factory workers in peri urban Faridabad to create knowledge and shift attitudes positively towards menstruation.


Kaboom was provided a baseline report from the intervention areas which served as our initial assumptions to challenge:

Knowledge of MHM wears moderate  to high


Low access to hygienic menstrual absorbent is the most important problem

Lack of safe space to talk about menstruation


Girls and women did not know where to find answers to questions about MHM


Co-ed sessions on MHM education were important to build confidence of girls and boys.

We were also provided with additional directions to have the Co-ed sessions to be conducted by both Male and Female trainers.


It was clear to challenge these assumptions, a play-based methodology rooted in Human Centered design had to be adopted and Breakthrough was equally invested in this approach.


We adapted a version of human centered design process to find solutions and corroborate the assumptions on the ground. At the heart of this process is user centricity. The process adopted was participatory and allowed us to co-create content that ensures quick uptake from the user.


In this journey, we narrowed down to two user groups:

Adolescent girls (11 - 19 years old) in 

Siddharth Nagar, Uttar Pradesh


Women working in a garment factory in Faridabad, Haryana

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