Kaboom gives your narratives the power to change lives of individuals, communities and societies.  

Social Change is a complex process. Communications for social change were often filled by creative professionals not actively informed of the realities on the ground, with little or no understanding of the policy landscape and deep-rooted inequalities that impact everyday communications. Kaboom was born out of the need to fill this gap. 

Kaboom challenges norms and smashes taboos to rewrite narratives and create new ways of looking at society. 

At Kaboom, we understand that social change is not a unilateral process and communications is an integral part of the larger whole. We arrive at communication strategies and designs in a participatory manner.

Our Approach



We help make products ‘user friendly’ by conducting user centred design research to understand challenges and barriers. 

Design Interventions

We create brand language and design, toolkits and capacity building interventions on a broad range of social issues.

Design Digital Campaigns

We bring together the power of storytelling and modern marketing to design campaigns that engage, activate and empower audiences. 

What Sets Us Apart

We are a team of passionate movement builders and changemakers

We are researchers, designers and storytellers who believe in the power of the people and their stories

We understand the socio-cultural nuances, the pulse of the people and the medium

We have the experience of having run large critically acclaimed campaigns, won meaningful awards and reframed prevalent narratives on social issues.

All of our projects and programs apply principles of
Human Centred Design and participatory methodologies with a strategy that is impact-driven and transformative.

Meet The Team

Kaboom’s team represents the very best multi-disciplinary set of expertise and talent needed to maximise social impact. 

We focus exclusively on social impact work – every project we undertake is to connect with and create a positive impact on the ground.

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Nirmala Nair is a communication expert with 17+ years of experience in creating high-impact social movements and campaigns, on-the-ground and digitally. Her work sits at the intersection of actionable research, design, communication and technology to accelerate social change. 

Nirmala founded Kaboom because she believes effective communication, design and technology play a crucial role in finding solutions to complex social problems. She brought together a cross-sectoral team of experienced creative and development professionals working together in a solutions-oriented approach with a focus on equitable change and impact on the ground.

In the past, Nirmala led the South Asia leg of much-acclaimed MTV EXIT, the world’s largest behaviour change communication campaign against trafficking in persons. And she was the Country Director at WASH United India, where she built the multi-award-winning Menstrual Hygiene Day brand known for its high rate of engagement and cutting edge content as well as menstrual education products and models that can be applied at scale.

Nirmala is a graduate of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. At Kaboom, she leads strategy and works closely with the creative team to ensure there is always a measurable impact of the solutions proposed.

Nirmala Nair

Founder and Director- Kaboom
THNK fellow, 2020

Core Team

Nandita has 15 years’ worth of advertising and design experience. She has headed, and driven key communication and brand campaigns for Wash United, Nestle, GlaxoSmithkline, Flipkart, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, Dream 11 and many more and has been involved in the Swachh Bharat and Menstrual Hygiene campaigns.

At Kaboom, Nandita heads Client Servicing, where she works closely with clients and the in-house creative team. She ensures campaign deliverables are rolled out within the proposed timelines and the client/user objectives are met.

Nandita D'Costa


Director of Partnerships


Kinjal is a communication enthusiast with a degree in development communication from Jamia. 


At Kaboom, Kinjal wears multiple hats and juggles them around with ease. She specialises in looking at content strategy and building the bridge between the issue and the creative. She is a design thinking enthusiast and experienced trainer and helps build capacity on the ground even during the course of projects.

Kinjal Sharma

Communications Lead

Payal Khurana

Filmmaker & Editor


Payal is an alumna of Delhi University and has worked as a Video Producer and Editor, for various organisations. She is an enthusiastic and outgoing filmmaker who is able to engage with her film subjects, and adapt to the dynamic and ever changing environment of filmmaking and videography.


She has a background in theatre, photography, and filmmaking, and has expert knowledge of recording and broadcasting equipment.  She is proficient in photography and video editing.


Malvika is an alumna of Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai where she majored in Media and Cultural Studies.


She has over 4 years of experience working in the development sector in India as a communications professional, supporting leading non-government organizations such as Goonj, Pratham, Ibtada and CRY-Child Rights and You in their communications needs.


Her core areas of work are campaign creation and design.


Communication Designer

Ambesh is an experienced Finance and Administration officer who provides office support for mission-critical tasks for our projects. He is well versed with local and international tax regulations and processes and offers seamlessly support to smooth project delivery.


He works closely with the project management in scheduling and manpower management to allow for redundancies and unforeseen circumstances during the course of the projects.

He also provides an adjunct role as a resident ‘Hindi’ expert, working with us on vernacular projects and proofreads. His polymath work ethic and exacting skills have contributed the way ahead for Kaboom to deliver the needs of the clients.

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Finance and Admin Specialist

Ambesh Tripathi

Content Strategy  & Business Development

Anirudh Saigal


Anirudh has acquired significant experience across sectors such as integrated urban development, rural and urban sanitation, water supply, affordable housing as well as climate change and disaster management over a span of 4 years. His set of expertise encompasses issues of gender, inclusivity, poverty alleviation, displaced populations and rehabilitation, public service provision, community mobilisation, behavioural change, and the like. Further, due to a diverse range of clientele spanning - multilateral organisations, donor agencies, Central and State Governments, as well as local administrations, he is in a position to manage, mobilise, and interact with key stakeholders across various hierarchies. He is an Ashoka University alumnus.

Saumya is a graduate from the London College of Communication with a diverse experience in branding, editorial, and information design. Having worked with local and international development organizations like the UN, Wateraid, PMNCH, Transform Health, a lot of her work revolves around social and human-centered design. 


Saumya has recently won a Kyoorious award for her work in the field of data visualization with a UK-based charity called Salusbury World.


Senior Graphic Designer

Saumya Mittal


During each project, the core team works closely with a broader satellite team of consultants who provide resources and expertise at key moments throughout the process. 


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